Shungite is a wonderful stone of benefits…

Its origin, however, remains a scientific mystery.

Although Shungite is made from single-celled living organisms, it contains fullerenes, or carbon molecules, which were first discovered in interstellar space.

Among its main virtues, Shungite proves to be of extraordinary effectiveness to neutralize the impact, on the man and the environment, of the electromagnetic waves emitted by the computers, the mobile phones, the electric meter of the house, the microphone -waves.

Also, Shungite is a fundamental stone to stimulate the first chakra or root chakra, gateway to vital energy.

Shungite is just as effective in relieving pain by direct contact with the suffering area.

In addition, by its revitalizing and revitalizing power, Shungite immersed in water, gives it the ability to hydrate our tissues and penetrate our cells. To do this, simply energize its water with about 40 grams of Shungite for a liter of water. After 48 hours of soaking, you can start drinking one to two glasses of this mineralized water per day.

Shungite is a stone to favor for geobiology work for its neutralizing effects of electromagnetic waves, faults or stray electric currents.

Finally, it should be noted that Shungite never discharges!

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