Amethyst is one of the most wonderful stones that the mineral kingdom offers us. Whether for its excellent virtues or for its beauty.
Indeed, the Amethyst helps alcoholics.
In general, it is used to fight against intoxication (drugs, tobacco, etc.).
In the form of mineralized water with Amethyst, it supports the pancreas and helps eliminate toxins.
In addition, it calms anxiety.
Recommended in a room in the form of a geode or sphere or pebble, placed under the pillow it allows a deep sleep by “sanitizing the atmosphere of the room and harmonizing it.
Relieves migraines when affixed to the temples.
Promotes spiritual elevation.
It is also very useful for recharging all crystals or stones. To do this, you just need to have a fairly flat amethyst druse on which you place these stones or jewelry. Practical when the sun is not coming up …

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