Rolled Stones Index

Our shop of lithotherapy offers on its site a category of articles entitled “Stones rolled by name” which includes most of the stones available in stores.
We also have very specific rolled stones and invite you to contact us so that we can respond to your request.
Some of these stones are sold individually because it is difficult to get them, which is why they do not appear in the catalog of the Crystal et Lumière site.
The use of these stones rolled in Lithotherapy is simple.
It suffices to wear them as close as possible to the area on which they must act. In the pants pocket, for the first two chakras see at the level of the navel as for the moonstone or at the level of the kidneys for nephrite jade or prehnite. Or on the solar plexus for emotional problems for example, and at the heart chakra for all emotional disturbances…
The work on the upper chakras with rolled stones is more specific.

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