Natural Incense


Burning incense is a process of subjecting substances, most often of plant origin, to high heat.
Placed on hot coals, they burn slowly and give off a smoke whose fragrant scents fill the room.

The active ingredients they contain are then revealed to our senses and influence our whole being, depending on the level of consciousness and feelings of each.

Incense is burned for multiple reasons:
– to purify the atmosphere
– to soothe and relax in case of nervousness
– to stimulate and regain energy
– to remedy sleep disorders
– to pray, to meditate, to purify places and / or people …

Fumigation for therapeutic purposes dates back to the dawn of time and continues to this day.
We can thus find resins which have therapeutic virtues
(soothe muscle tension, reduce rheumatism, relieve pain …) and energy.

Obtain a censer or incense burner.
Place in the center, on the grid, a charcoal pellet previously heated (if necessary, hold the charcoal using tongs so as not to burn).
In the center of the charcoal, put a few pieces of natural incense or grain resin.
Charging during use is possible.
After total consumption: the coal will have turned gray / white, throw the ashes in the trash

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